2019   Custom Built Completely Refurbished Boat Trailer
This is a 2009 tandem axle trailer I just completely modified to a 3 axle trailer. I used just the frame and axles and everything else is new. It started with a 5" C channel full wrap tongue and I re-wrapped that with 4" channel so now it is a boxed/channel frame. I added another 7 k axle for a total of 3 and new blk wheels and e-rated tires. It has custom HD walk on fenders, steel i-beam bunks at full width with hinged adjustable bunks that adjust to any angle of the bottom of a boat(patent pending) and they have 1' thick new truck rubber for pads. trailer has many sets of d-rings around the trailer to tie down the boat, all wiring is shrinkable butt connectors then covered by shrinkable tubing. Most runs thru conduit and some is exposed. trailer has rubber pad above rear last axle to insure safety of shafts and props as well as 2x12 kickers to center the boat towards the center rollers. It has an adjustable bow stop, twin drop foot jacks and a removable adjustable 2 5/16 coupler. The trailer was completely sandblasted, primed and painted twice/black. I have built trailers and hauled boats for 17 years and it is built from that experience. The plug, chains and coupler are all removable for theft protection. it has an extra rubber padded bow stop on front bottom too.Located in Texas LOWERED PRICE

Price: $9500

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