1997   Aldura Triple axle wide belly
If you are mechanically minded and can work on the air system and twelve volt wiring on a commercial trailer this is the 53' Aldura for you. We purchased this trailer from the original owner through Rob at Maritime in 2002. It has been our workhorse up until 2017. Like most Waltron / Alduras it developed cancer of the ribs and belly and we parked it. In the fall of 2018 we had the entire belly of the trailer, inside the frame rails, from front to back, cut out and re-done with all new steel. We added a 7' 10" X 7' 5" one inch thick keel plate in the front of the belly. We put a second 7' 10" X 3' 9" one inch thick keel plate at the rear of the belly. There is a 12' X 9 1/2" X 1/2" strap that ties the two keel plates to the seven new ribs. All new honeycomb steel was used in the pans between the ribs. The honeycomb was welded to the strap running down the middle and bottom of the trailer to prevent the honeycomb from sagging. There is a 10' slide out at the rear of the trailer that can be pulled out to reduce rear overhang. All of the trailer lights are LED and were new in January of 2017 before we stopped using it due to the rust problem. The trailer came from Waltron with a camber in the middle of the trailer and additional 11' steel plates run along the outside of the frame rails at the camber. There are 12 - 17.5 bud wheels. The trailer of course needs to have the new steel painted and it needs to be rewired and the air system need to be re-done. We are retiring at the end of this year and decided to sell the trailer "as is" and not complete the overhaul.

Price: $35000

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