2001   Waltron/Aldura 53 Foot Two axle
Waltron/Aldura 53 Tandem Fixed 10ft Fifth wheel deck, 8ft4 wide with 9ft4 wide Axles 5.5 clearance normalride height, 1 lowered, 8.5 raised ·Stainless Fenders.Aluminum outer with steel inner 17.5 rims Cross Fire Balancing Valves Michelin Tires, all matching with less than 20k miles Flatline LED tail and marker lights Whelen amber strobe lights on all 4 corners as well as rear bumper wired to a 4 way socket on the front of the trailer.Electric over pneumatic pilot valve controls wired to 4 way socket on the front of the trailer. (facilitates raising and lowering of the trailer from the cab of the truck on the fly)·Lights down both sides of the belly to illuminate the underside of the boat for night moves wired to a 4 way socket on the front of the trailer.Brakes, Hardware, Slack Adjusters, Brake Chambers, Wheel bearings, Seals, Brake Valves, ABS, Air Tanks, and all associated lines less than 1 year old. Oversize load banner attached to rear and able to roll up when not in use. 6 stainless steel quick mounted flags.Ladder rack with a 16 extension ladder on the front of the trailer ·Crossbar box under neck ·Connector boxes lined with plywood with pin racks and lids on each side of neck. 1 Troth box lined with plywood for connectors across neck· Strap lockers on each side of neck with ratchet hangers also lined with plywood.Center box between Strap lockers lined with plywood (I use it for 1 straps, carpet, bungies and rubber strap protectors) All above $40,000.00 OBO Trailer with Racking and Straps Uprights (2) 12in. no collars (4) 18in. no collars (6) 12in (4) 24in. (6) 36in (6) 48in. (6) 60in. Crossbars (1) Aluminum (8) Steel Connectors (10) Standard singles (4) Extra tall singles (4) Extra tall doubles (4) Tees Screw Pad Holders (6) 45 (6) Straight (6) Zeros (4) Low profile (6) 2.5in to 3in 45s 2 pair of crossbar Bow Pads 2 pair of crossbar Stern Pads 8 Screwpads (6) 3in collars (6) 6in collars (48) 5/8in pins with clips Straps (6) 1in x 15in with Stainless Ratchets (18) 2in. Stainless Steel Ratchets with 12in web ends (6) 2in Stainless Steel Ratchets with 12in chain ends (8) 2in x 20in loop end straps (8) 2in x 10in loop end straps (20) 2in x 15in metal hook end straps If You want trailer with Steel and Straps,Aluminum Ramps Complete and ready to Haul..$42,500 Located in MASS.

Price: $40000

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